Yoga and Sound Healing with Grant

On this Monday evening, my body, mind, and heart are still humming from Saturday night. My Saturday night was spent sitting next to Grant, this guy who played these amazing instruments straight from his soul and out into his fingertips. Like the breath moving through his flute his spirit flowed. It was beautiful. Each vibration carried his love and intention for healing into the hearts, minds, and bodies of those that surrounded us.

Around us were gathered 17 other individuals, most of whom I already loved dearly and others that I had never met. Through Grant’s music and my guidance of yoga, our intent was to create a space where each of these individuals could have an experience that would invite healing into their lives, whether it be to their bodies, their minds, or their hearts.

To be surrounded by these people who believed in, or blindly trusted, me enough to even show up was an honor. So with honor and humility I guided these beautiful humans through a practice with the intention of getting them out of their heads, into their bodies, and creating the space for them to connect with their souls.

I believe our intentions manifested. They came. We played. We created an experience that, for many, was on a deeper level. And we all shared it together.

Now, I encourage everyone to have the courage to, as Grant would say, sing your soul song!


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